Eco-tourism / Climate Action and Minimal impact company overview

Eco-Certified - In 2006 Australian Tallship Cruises became Eco-Accredited, Eco-tourism had become an important part of being able to assess and monitor our impact on the environment but also to grow our business. This accreditation saw us foster a change in our attitudes, how we go about our business re-enforcing the importance of training and awareness of staff as they are an integral part of our success in the education and preservation of our way of life and educating travellers on the importance of offsetting there footprint.

Climate Action Business -  In 2008 we were part of the Climate Change pilot program, and are still currently a Climate action business. Being a climate action business enabled us to understand climate change concepts, giving clear and practical ways of reducing our carbon footprint/emissions, through design, equipment purchases and changes in operational procedures.

Compliance - with legislative regulations, associated acts including those enforced by Maritime Safety QLD, OH&S obligations the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and QLD Parks and Wildlife Service, Is first and foremost in the operations of our business. Staff are trained both internally and externally to ensure implementation and amendments to acts and constant monitoring of our all aspects of the business.

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